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A busy lifestyle or physical limitations can sometimes create anxiety for some customers with regard to maintaining their new landscape. With this in mind, we are now offering an optional maintenance program.

This program is a full year of maintenance that is customized to the specific needs of each customer. Services range from keeping beds and landscaped areas weed free, to planting and replacing annual flowers three to four times per year.

The flower services available in this program allow customers to have flowers blooming at all times and in different seasons. For instance, a sample maintenance program may be as follows.

A spring planting of petunias, followed by a summer planting of impatients, followed by a planting of mums for the fall. This creates a fresh new look several times throughout the year for you to enjoy without getting your knees dirty.

There are a multitude of services available that can be combined into a service plan to best suit your lifestyle, as well as your budget. A program of your choice can be added to your landscape package, so be sure to request a list of these services at your consultation.